Bolton West

Candidates standing in the 2010 general election are:

Bolton West Susan Williams Conservative 01204 848 341
Julie Hilling Labour
Jackie Pearcey Liberal Democrat 07960 446 747
Rachel Mann Green Party
Jimmy Jones Independent

Click here to see all the main candidates’ responses to key Muslim issues asked by Get Out & Vote!

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Click here to see Julie Hilling’s response in detail.

Click here to see Susan Williams’ response in detail.

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Click here to understand why your MP’s voting record is important.

Click here to view your existing MP’s voting record on key parliamentary debates.

Click here to understand what an Early Day Motion is all about.

Click here for a list of relevant Early Day Motions which you can check to see if your MP has supported.

If you want to help galvanize Muslims in your local seat, please email with your name, contact number and name of seat. Please also view our volunteer toolkit here.

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3 responses to “Bolton West

  1. Please add me as a candidate for the Bolton West

    Please go to my website and look at what I have to say and why an independent MP will count.
    Don’t have the same from the same old party machines

  2. Assalamo alaikum

    Most people in our community will be aware that on Thursday 6th of May the elections are to take place. There are local council elections but national parliamentary ones too – you will have two votes.

    Don’t waste your votes:
    We as the Muslim community MUST look at the whole picture – what will be best for us! The reality here in Bolton is that in all the wards the only two candidates who have a chance of winning are the Conservative or Labour ones. Blatantly, there is no choice but to vote for one of these – a vote for any other party is a wasted vote. Wallahi this is the reality.

    Who Muslims in Bolton should vote for:
    After a lot of research into what each individual candidate stands for the following can be said:

    In the Bolton North East constituency: (Astley Bridge, Halliwell, Crompton, Bromley Cross, Bradshaw, Breightmet, Tonge)

    Candidates for M.P:
    Paul Ankers Liberal Democrat
    Norma Armston Your Party
    David Crausby Labour
    Deborah Dunleavy Conservative
    Neil Johnson UK Independence Party

    I encourage all Muslims you Must vote for David Crausby (Labour) on his past track record and what he has done for Muslims so far. He is an upfront, honest and simple man who holds community values very dear. He voted against Iraq, opposed extension of 28 days detention, aided the Gaza convoy and has publicly stuck up for the Palestinians. He is not a ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’!
    The Best out of the Labour – Conservatives candidates for Bolton North East for Muslims

    Yes, the Labour government have messed things up, but we Muslims of Bolton must look at the ‘lesser of the two evils’.

    Bolton South East: (Hulton, Rumworth, Great Lever, Harper Green, Little Lever, Farnworth, Kearsley)

    Candidates for M.P:
    Alan Johnson Green
    Andy Morgan Conservative
    Donal O’Hanlon Liberal Democrat
    Yasmin Qureshi Labour
    Ian Sidaway UK Independence Party
    Sheila Spink British National Party
    Navaid Syed Christian Peoples Alliance

    There is no contest in this ward – Labour have a majority of over 33%. Fortunately the Labour candidate (Yasmin Qureshi) is the best out of the Labour – Conservative candidates for the Bolton South East Muslim community. As the BNP is standing in this area it is essential Muslims use their vote here too – simply to drown out the BNP & UKIP (who are opposed to Muslim day to day practices).

    Bolton West: (Horwich, Heaton, Blackrod, Lostock, Westhoughton)

    Candidates for M.P:
    Julie Hilling Labour
    Harry Lamb UK Independence Party
    Rachel Mann Green Party
    Jackie Pearcey Liberal Democrat
    Susan Williams Conservative

    I encourage all Muslims to vote for Susan Williams (Conservatives) again on his past track record and what he has done for Muslims so far in Trafford and Bolton. She is very clued up on Muslim sensitivities, against the ill conceived wars, very approachable and down to earth. The Best out of the Labour – Conservatives candidates for Bolton West for Muslims

    Why you must vote:
    I make this totally clear, I am not a Labour or a Conservatives man – we (Muslims) have to look at who will champion our values and stick up for us when it comes to policy at the Parliament level.

    If we let ‘puppets’, ‘yes men/women’ or ‘conniving’ politicians get in we have the next FIVE years to tolerate the damage the do to the Muslim community!

    I pray Allah guides us all to choose the best for our community and the best leaders for the entire Ummah.

    Please vote wisely – Do not waste your vote.

    Try to pass this message to all Muslims in Bolton you can. Jazakallah.

  3. Engage Bolton

    Statement by Susan Williams

    I would like to thank the Muslim community here in Bolton West for the warmth and hospitality you have shown to me over the last 3 1/2 years that I have been your Conservative candidate. I have never been so well fed and looked after in my life as I have by you! I have met so many of you and the way that you have organised the debates during the election has allowed me to speak to you on the various issues that are important to you in the forthcoming election.
    I have found that there is so much that unites us- from the importance of upholding family values, to supporting faith schools in our society and promoting civil liberties for a better future in this country. We have covered and debated even the most difficult of topics and I hope that the freedom of speech in which we have engaged is something that we can promote together without fear of reprisal or suspicion.
    I know that you will make the right decision on who to vote for at the General Election on May 6th and I hope that I have gained your confidence in voting for me. If I am elected as your MP on 7th May, I promise to represent you to the best of my abilities and thank you for taking the time and effort to get to know me.

    Best wishes,
    Susan Williams
    Conservative candidate- Bolton West

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