Candidates standing in the 2010 general election are:

Blackburn Jack Straw Labour 01254 52317
Michael Law-Riding Conservative 01254 209312
Bobby Anwar UKIP 08001 07 03 04
Paul English Liberal Democrat
Bushra Irfan Independent

Click here to see a summary of all the main candidates’ responses to key Muslims issues asked by Get Out & Vote!

Click here to see  Michael Law-Riding’s response in detail.

Click here to see Paul English’s response in detail.

Click here to see Bushra Irfan’s response in detail

Click here for results of previous elections.

Click here to understand why your MP’s voting record is important.

Click here to view your existing MP’s voting record on key parliamentary debates.

Click here to understand what an Early Day Motion is all about.

Click here for a list of relevant Early Day Motions which you can check to see if your MP has supported.

If you want to help galvanize Muslims in your local seat, please email with your name, contact number and name of seat. Please also view our volunteer toolkit here.

Get Out & Vote! is an initiative brought to you by Engage.


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