Tips on How to Conduct an Online Awareness Campaign

A key part of this campaign will be to get as many volunteers as possible to promote this website and its resources as well as show that it is a gateway into understanding better all the issues at hand. To do this, here are a few tips:

1. Advertising.

Despite its online nature, the campaign will get most awareness through word of mouth, advertising on Masjid noticeboards, announcements at events and Jumu’ah Khutbahs etc. Take individual responsibility to get hold of poster and leaflet files from us (by contacting us at which you can then put up yourself with permission, as well as organise local teams to give out after large gatherings.

At a later stage before actual Voting Day itself, perhaps door-to-door leaflet drops might be the order of the day.

Also, if you are able to, then to advertise the campaign in your local newspapers and radio stations will bring many more people round to the idea of how serious we are about this effort.

2. Commenting.

This is specifically referring now to those who are active online. For those who visit other blogs, posting comments there from time to time will certainly help to get some discussions going. People may then visit this site if you write an interesting comment. But don’t spam the comment section of another blog. Remember that you’re visiting someone else’s site.

3. Signature links.

Including this website’s link in your signature as this is a good way to get people clicking through with having to ask them to do so. You can add a link to your email signature or your signature on forums.

4. Guest posts.

Writing guest posts for other blogs can be a very rewarding experience as well as helping to provide useful content for many Islamic sites during a quiet part of the year with Ramadhan and Hajj so far away and therefore natural focus will rest on the upcoming elections. You can jump the gun and provide real value for some of these sites.

5. Twitter.

This is a great way to promote the website, but you need to do more than just post links to your latest posts. Engage people in discussions and you may find they start to answer back!

If you need a beginner’s guide, there are some tips for getting starting with Twitter here.

6. Blog directories.

These provide another way to get our blog listed. People looking for blogs can browse by category and find the blogs that interest them.

7. Facebook.

This is a real giant now in social networking circles, and can be used to make something go viral very quickly. Utilise that “share” button, especially those aspects that might attract certain audiences specifically so for example link to the video trailers for some, and more in-depth articles to the more studious.

8. Forums.

There are now a plethora of Islamic and Muslim-dominated forum sites for all sorts of groups of Muslims of all persuasions. Spread the word as much as possible but please remember etiquette and try not to spam the pages!

9. Email lists.

Hopefully you’re not someone who sends out a lot of useless chain-mail which then leads others to just delete your “fwd:” emails without even opening them.

Send this link and other specific pieces of information such as links to various videos and articles on the site, to your emailing and close contacts list. Everyone has the right to vote in the UK but sometimes we might need just a gentle reminder, and indeed others might need some help in registering themselves, or organising postal voting, or understanding what the various candidates stand for.

If you can offer personal assistance through email and personal contact, this will be a valuable investment of your time.

10. Du’a and Ikhlas.

Hey don’t forget, we’re Muslims remember? Make your intention clear for the sake of Allah that you are getting involved in this campaign in order to help your community, those who are weaker and unable to do it themselves, or those who have not yet had their hearts opened to becoming active and motivated for His Sake alone.

And ask the Almighty for His assistance and blessing, for without this, the campaign is scuppered before it has even started. With all the best will and want in the world, if the Creator doesn’t want our situation to become easier then it never will, but we shall not give up for lack of trying. We will put our trust and reliance in Him, and off to work we go!

These are just some thoughts to help but we are sure you will have many further ideas yourself, so lets all get busy and show these prospective candidates that they will have to now really fight to deserve and earn the Muslim Vote!!


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