British Muslim Statistics

The 2001 census determined the UK Muslim population to be 1.59M strong out of a total UK population of 57.1M. Click here for more details.

Whilst Muslims are less than 3% of the overall population, over half of British Muslims live in only 50 parliamentary seats. Click here for a list of these fifty seats, within which, on average Muslims were 17% of the population in 2001, and based on recent projections are currently over 20% of the population. Click here for a list of all the main candidates names and email addresses within these 50 seats. Click here for a list of key questions we have sent to the candidates – candidate answers can be found in the individual page for each seat.

The Muslim community is relatively young, with over 1/3rd under the age of 16, with a further 32% between the ages of 17 – 34 in 2001. See here for more details.

Furthermore, Muslims have significantly larger families with 27% of Muslim households having three or more dependent children. See here for more on this point.

Muslims are less likely to be registered to vote than others, according to many empirical studies. Proportionately, whilst there should 20 or so Muslim MP’s to reflect the Muslim share of the national population, in reality, there are currently only 4 Muslim MP’s – a mere one fifth of the representative number!

Also, sadly, Muslims are three times more likely to be unemployed (click here), far less likely to hold a degree (click here), are much less healthier (click here) and when employed be far more likely to hold unskilled or low paid employment (click here).

The need for Muslims to therefore participate in the democratic process, and thereby help rectify some of the above issues can hardly be overstated.


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